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Each "TUSCANY" system contains

1. Planter base
2. False top
3. One 8" diameter filter
4. Decorative Moss Covering
5. Plant is 3 feet tall



20" wide x 19 3/4" high

Entrance is 9"X9"

with plant
20" wide x 55" high

Link to Instructions for Assembly and Cleaning
In pdf format - you will need Adobe Reader to view

Tuscany Model

Phoenix Palm comes with the Tuscany System

Only $64.95
Order Cart is at bottom of page,
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or without accessories.

new tuscany plant
New Plant - Click to Enlarge




Additional info about the liner pan below shopping cart

 Check this box to order liner pan with the litter box planter (additional cost - $28.95)

"Easier Clean" Liner Bags


"Easier Clean" Liner Bags
for all Hidden Litter models
Can be used only with
accessory liner pans.

 Check this box to order liner bags with the litter box planter (additional cost - $12.95)

Choose in the drop down box below if you would like to add filters to your order of the litter box planter
. You can get a single filter or a pack of 3. (additional cost - $3.95 for 1 and $11.49 for 3)

Filter Add On
Decorative Lava Rock OR Fir Bark- For Tuscany Model
Filters Dust - no filter necessary
1 lb. bag

Fir Bark

Lava Rock
Choose in the drop down box below the Decorative Fir Bark or the Decorative Lava Rock to order with the litter box planter (additional cost Lava Rock- $7.95, Fir Bark - $8.95)

Decorative Covering Add On
Additional Plant choices - The Tuscany system come with the Phoenix Palm. Below is for ordering additional plants,

Phoenix Palm
30" Tall

New Yucca
24" Tall

Choose in the drop down box below to add an additional plant to your litter box planter order (additional cost will be added)

Plant Add On

Purchase Tuscany or Tuscany with added accessories.

Click here to order accessories separately.

Additional accessories can be ordered through the accessory page




Our liner pans with handles are made of durable ABS plastic and will add longevity to the life of your Hidden Litter Planter. The liner pan will ultimately become your litter box allowing your planter to be used as an attractive long lasting camouflage. It can also be used with liner bags as an alternative. The liner pans can be purchased at a later date. The cost is comparatively lower than the camouflage planter.

The liner pan has to be purchased separately because of the nature of some high spraying cats. If you are one of the very few owners of this type of cat you will more than likely want to pour your litter directly into the base of your planter letting the 17 inch tall planter become your cat’s litter and spraying unit. The polyethylene planters are very durable and will last for many years.

To purchase Liner Pan separately click here

Our brand new hand-finished "TUSCANY" Sandstone colored Hidden Litter Planter is now available for direct shipping to your home.

Just like our other Hidden Litter models. "You never have to hide these Litter Boxes"  They are attractive in all locations.

SIZE: This model is our largest. The planter is 20 inches wide and 19.75 inches  tall. With the 35" tall plant (included) this Hidden Litter Potty Planter becomes very impressive at 55 inches tall. The TUSCANY model is exceptionally large for larger cats and multiple cat homes.

COLOR:  A durable Tuscany sandstone appearance.

ODOR REDUCTION:  The new Tuscany model has the same patented aeration and plant system as the other models. Remember that frequent cleaning by sifting and removing the waste is the best odor reduction for all litter boxes. The Hidden Litter system still combines our double filtration and aspen Moss for twice the odor control.

PET BED:  Just add a pillow instead of litter and create a perfect nap or sleeping hide-a-way.

Always face the Hidden Litter entrance toward a wall or preferably any corner and create the Hidden Litter mystery.


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